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Software Audit Defence Masterclass

£595.00 + VAT

We’ll help you define and document processes for YOUR organisation


Defending an audit is one of the most challenging things a software asset manager will ever have to do. In this class we’ll ensure you have a lifebelt available to ensure software audits are as painless as possible for you AND your organisation

By the end of this course you will have a strong understanding of the end to end process, including the process flow, stakeholders and RACI, as well as the systems used to support the process, and options for process improvement.

You will also create an audit defence playbook for use when next audited. The playbook allows YOU to be in control of the audit process rather than the other way round.

You will receive 1 credit towards the License Management Practitioner course for attendance on the course, and a second credit once you have worked with stakeholders to define and document a process document and audit defence playbook.

Course outcomes

During the workshop we will do a deep dive into the process objectives, roles and responsibilities, workflow, KPIs and common process ‘gotchas’.

Working with our expert trainers, you will also be able to define, refine and document the following:

  • A process document tailored to YOUR organisation
  • A process workflow tailored to YOUR organisation
  • A process improvement roadmap
    Sn audit defence playbook for YOUR organisation
Course pre-requisites and prior experience
This is an advanced course – in addition to having a basic understanding of SAM and ITAM, you will get the most out of the course if you have been involved in a software vendor audit before, as well as having an understanding of IT service management principles.
Course structure

The course consists of 2 x 2.5 hour workshops with an optional process / playbook review session a month later.

We will study the process in detail during the workshop. Your homework is to draft a process document and audit defence playbooks that works for YOUR organisation, and we will feedback and review the documents you have created in the process review session.

Accessing the course
Each workshop will have a maximum of 8 students.
Workshops are held remotely and you will need to access the Microsoft Teams meeting and Mural Virtual Whiteboard during the sessions.You will also need access to word processing software as well as Microsoft Visio or ARIS Express to create your own process and workflow.

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