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Write Your Own Policy Masterclass

£595.00 + VAT

We’ll help you define and document a policy for YOUR organisation


An ITAM policy documents the requirements of your ITAM system and, once formally approved, ensures that you can enforce these requirements if the people, processes and tools that support the management system fail to meet these requirements. It is hard, if not impossible, to build an effective ITAM system without an enforceable policy in place.

By the end of this course you will understand why an approved ITAM policy is critical for successful ITAM. You will understand the different forms an ITAM policy can take, and consider whether your policy should document ‘as is’ or ‘to be’ requirements.

During the course, we will conduct a policy workshop to identify the requirements to be included in the policy and the final assignment will be to write your own ITAM policy OR perform a gap analysis with existing policies such as information security, procurement and the acceptable use policy.

Course outcomes

During the workshop we will do a deep dive into the structure of an ITAM policy and consider what policy statements could be included in the policy.

Working with our expert trainers, you will also be able to define, refine and document the following:

  • A policy document tailored to YOUR organisation OR
  • A policy gap analysis for your existing policies
  • A policy approval roadmap to help you get YOUR policy approved for implementation


Course structure
The course consists of 2 x 3 hour workshops with an optional policy review session a month later.
We will study ITAM policies in detail during the workshop. Your homework is to draft a policy document OR perform a policy gap analysis that works for YOUR organisation, and we will feedback and review the documents you have created in the policy review session.


Course pre-requisites and prior experience
This is an advanced course – you should have a basic understanding of SAM and ITAM as well as adjacent disciplines such as information security and procurement.


Accessing the course
Each workshop will have a maximum of 8 students.
Workshops are held remotely and you will need to access the Microsoft Teams meeting and Mural Virtual Whiteboard during the sessions.You will also need access to word processing software to create your own policy or gap analysis.