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Let’s talk about supporting and maintaining hardware

Hello again! It seems like forever since I put pen to paper and wrote a blog for ITAM Accelerate – can you believe it’s nearly May?!

Well after another busy filming frenzy, Kylie and I have created a walk-through video on the Hardware Support & Maintenance Process.

This is one of those processes where we are preparing our Hardware Asset Management data to make Business-as-Usual (BAU) support activities as seamless as possible.

I’m sure we’ve all been there: a device at home goes on the blink, and suddenly we are cursing ourselves for either:

• Not keeping the warranty information for the device in question
• Nonchalantly waving off the sales rep at the point of purchase of the need to pay for fast-track repair coverage

Clearly, a business cannot afford to be so casual with its IT assets – we need to be more systematic when it comes to aligning the right level of support to the hardware devices in our management scope.

As with any newly-bought technology that is deemed “bright and shiny” we might look to gain maximum protection for this hard-working asset. As time goes by though, we become more obsessed with newer assets that have higher performance specs – our darlings are darlings no more!

Accordingly, as Hardware Assets roll through their lifecycle their status slips from “high value” to “utility”, and so a revision/ downgrade of coverage could be deemed a shrewd decision. Other factors to consider when re-selecting the right level of coverage include how easy it is to replace assets with a like for like model, and also the priority of the asset to the business, relative to the IT service it is working for.

Indeed, we might well arrive at a point where no coverage is deemed necessary (e.g. cell phones).

Regardless of the decision we arrive at, or at what stage in the lifecycle that level of support is determined, we must always ensure that front-line support staff know where to go for that support. We should not be putting our workforce in the domestically-equivalent situation of:

“Honey: which special place did you hide the receipt for the TV in this time?!”

As ever, if help around this, or any other HAM processes are required then please review our video options. Or reach out to Kylie or Rory directly.

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