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Meet the Team

Our team of experienced ITAM consultants and trainers will provide you with the right blend of practical knowledge and experience!

We help IT asset managers build effective governance frameworks

We’re all ITAM nerds!

Kylie Fowler

Kylie is the founder & principal consultant of ITAM Intelligence, and, along with Rory, is our principal trainer for our software asset management courses.

Kylie loves working as a coach and expert consultant who helps clients build responsive and compliant software asset management frameworks.
Rory Canavan

Rory is the founder and CEO of SAM Charter and, along with Kylie, is our principle trainer for our software asset management process courses. Rory has a wide range of first-hand experience advising numerous companies and organisations on the best practices and principles pertaining to software asset management.

Joseph Powell

Joe is our expert on SAM tooling and integrations. He has over a decade’s worth of experience working with leading multinational corporations and large-scale public sector organisations, helping them through their technical ITAM journey.

Stephen Williams

Stephen is a datacentre licensing expert. In particular, he trains software asset managers both to create ELPs, but, more importantly, to do something with them!

Stephen consistently delivers ITAM solutions that allow organisations to achieve compliance, increase business agility and make significant cost savings.
David Foxen

Dave is better known as ‘The SAMbeast’ and trains our hardware asset management courses. He is an award winning ITAM professional, and has implemented ITAM functions in a number of organisations, saving millions of pounds via contract renegotiation, internal audits, optimising existing licenses and reducing cloud spend.

Barry Pilling

Barry is an expert on datacentre and cloud licensing, including VMWare and Citrix as well as Oracle, IBM, Redhat… and the list goes on. Barry trains software asset managers to both create ELPs and do something with them! He is passionate about saving money for his clients and ensuring they only spend what they absolutely have to.