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Hardware Asset Purchase Process Video

What aspects of IT due-diligence do you need to consider when purchasing hardware? Kylie Fowler and Rory Canavan wax lyrical on this topic; while wondering what other Naval expressions may not translate well in the USA!

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Hardware Asset Purchase Process Video

This process will generally be owned and managed by the procurement department rather than ITAM. The activities in this process are designed to ensure that procurement best practice is followed, and to minimise the theft and fraud that is all too common before assets are deployed into service. It follows that the primary purpose of this process is to ensure that all new equipment, whether leased or purchased outright, is entered into the asset register as soon as ownership of the asset is transferred from the vendor to the organisation. Not only does this ensure the IT asset register provides an accurate record of all equipment owned or leased by the organisation, it also makes it much more likely that the theft of new equipment is noticed, and the culprit identified and disciplined.

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