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Entitlement Importation – Where the Magic Happens!

However, back on earth, applied knowledge is required to ensure that contract and license data is put to good use, not merely scanned and saved in a SharePoint folder for future reference.  The licenses themselves, including terms and conditions of use, must be imported into the SAM Suite, so that it can track the value

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The Licence Pool Management Process

As a student, one of the better pieces of advice I received was “Don’t shop hungry” – the temptation being to overload a shopping trolley with everything that tingled my taste buds. Procurement around SAM and licensing could do worse than follow this guidance too. Contracts might stipulate that certain purchase quantities must be achieved

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What you should know about the Software Deployment Process

Do you have what it takes to survive the  Bermuda Triangle of SAM? We’ve all experienced it, even though we might not recognise the name! This month we’re doing a deep dive into another corner of the triangle – the software deployment process. The Bermuda Triangle of SAM is that gap between request, procurement and deployment

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