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Hardware Asset Refresh Process

£79.96 + VAT

This process is all about the benefits of refreshing the hardware on your IT estate.


A proactive approach to refreshing the hardware on your IT estate has many benefits, including reduced incidents, improved budgeting and financial management, and the ability to maximise the ROI of your hardware assets by taking into account the resale value of equipment when making disposal decisions.

Additionally, the ability to forecast hardware purchases over a 4 or 5 year lifecycle empowers the business to negotiate with hardware vendors and achieve higher discount levels than are available to organisations which take a more ad hoc approach to the purchase of new equipment.

For the purposes of this process, we have made the assumption that the hardware refresh will be carried out as a project. However, some organisations conduct hardware refreshes as a business as usual (BAU) activity, setting their operations teams a goal of refreshing a certain amount of equipment regularly throughout the year.

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