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Complete Process Kit

£995.00 + VAT

The ITAM Accelerate Process Kit provides you with 44 processes modelled in ARIS, that can be customised via MS Visio.

HAM Process Kit - Version 3

Contains 12 heart-beat processes for effective HAM

SAM Foundation Process Kit - Version 3

Contains 16 Core Processes every SAM operation needs

SAM Advanced Process Kit - Version 3

Contains 16 Advanced Processes to take SAM to the next level


You’ve bought the SAM suite and you have the staff in place. Connectors have been added to report on your as-a-service software. Yet software vendor audits seem as painful as ever, and the CFO is complaining because uncontrolled as-a-service software is bleeding money; impacting the bottom line. At this point, your SAM suite is nothing more than a barometer for SAM health. It sounds like you need the ITAM Accelerate Complete SAM & HAM Process Kit.

To bridge that gap between your SAM Team, your SAM suite and the rest of the business, you need integrated SAM processes that tick the boxes of your SAM requirements, but also look to serve the wider needs of IT and the business. The ITAM Accelerate Process Kit provides you with 44 processes modelled in ARIS, that can be customised via MS Visio. The contents of which can be seen below:



The ITAM Accelerate Process Kit has attained ISO 19770-8: 2020 alignment. We have submitted a comparison matrix to show how our kit covers every process requirement of ISO 19770-1: 2017; only the second organisation in the world to do so.  Our submission is available to review on the ITAM Standards website for -8.

“Purchase of the full kit includes access to all kit updates for 1 year from the date of purchase; thereafter, updates will be billed at £495 inc. VAT). Additionally, the full kit purchase entitles you to a 20% discount on all masterclasses and 5 hours of consultancy.” Please contact Kylie or Rory for details.


The benefits of obtaining the Process Kit is that you will be starting from a position of best practice.  We have designed off the back of world-class industry experience from the authors.  You’ll also benefit from the amount of time you save if you had to create these processes from scratch.  You can edit the processes to your unique requirements in MS Visio.  Finally, you are getting extreme value!  Three publications: two focused on SAM, and the third focused on HAM.  You can bring world-class ITAM to your organisation through the execution of these processes.


By purchasing the ITAM Accelerate Process Kit you will address the business and IT needs of your business. The Corporate Governance Process will help clarify these for you.  Furthermore, you will be saving yourself huge amounts of time.  A case in point:  The design and approval of 15 processes took 11 months for a global organisation – you have 44 ready-to-go processes and qualifying text out of the box!  The ITAM Accelerate Process Kit approach supports apportioning tasks to the stakeholders to be engaged with in your SAM processes. Additionally, the process kit ships with a RACI chart that calls out stakeholders as well as systems used at each and very step – ready for your customisation.

Finally, you will be creating a SAM system!  All of our processes inter-link, so you will be able to see the dependencies of the data flow from one process to the next.

HAM Kit - Process List

  • Joiners, Movers and Leavers
  • Hardware Asset Purchase
  • Hardware Asset Deployment
  • Stock Management
  • Loan Equipment
  • Hardware Support & Maintenance
  • Hardware Asset Repair
  • Lost & Stolen Devices
  • Hardware Asset Disposal
  • Hardware Asset Verification
  • Physical Audit
  • Hardware Asset Refresh

SAM Foundation - Process List

  • Software Request
  • Software Procurement
  • Software Packaging
  • Software Deployment
  • Software Recycling & Licence Optimisation
  • Licence Pool Management
  • Software Removal
  • Joiners, Movers and Leavers
  • Maintain a Supported Software Catalogue
  • Software Asset Data Validation
  • Orphan Data
  • The Reporting Process
  • Entitlement Importation
  • Inventory Importation
  • Corporate Governance
  • Create & Maintain a SAM Plan

SAM Advanced - Process List

  • Vendor Onboarding
  • Software Approvals
  • Invitation to Tender
  • Contract Review
  • Software Rationalisation
  • Contract Termination
  • Licence Compliance – Audit & Validation
  • SAM Competence & Training
  • SAM Tooling Requirements & Verification
  • SAM Supplier Management
  • SAM Communications & Awareness
  • Risk Management Process
  • SAM QA
  • Document Creation & Management
  • Information Management Plan
  • Financial Management